Throwing a Successful Casino Fundraiser

Having a casino at your next fundraiser is an amazing way to raise the maximum amount of money for your organization. In addition to the ticket price guests will donate more money while playing at the tables. Here are a few hints to maximize your casino fundraiser: Bet on Black Jack
Black Jack is a great table to have for two reasons; the first being it’s a quick game and allows for quick turnover. Second, many people know the game and won’t feel intimidated to play. Good Credit
Rent a credit card machine for those who forgot cash but want to donate more. Fun for All
Don’t forget to provide entertainment that will keep the non-gamblers staying. Magicians or fortune tellers are great options to have at a fund raising event – you can even charge for the service to raise additional funds. Go Corporate
Get corporations to sponsor each casino table. Depending on the budget you can have the felt on each table customized with the sponsor’s logo, or you can have a framed sign displaying the logo as well. Go for the Prize
There has to be an incentive to play so have raffle prizes donated. Per every $100 or $1000 won the guest receives a raffle ticket. The better the prize the more people will play, and coincidentally, the more they will donate.Lastly, if you spend the majority of your budget on the casino tables then see if you can get the decor donated. Or, keep it simple with over-sized black and red balloons or an abundance of candles on the tables. You don’t need to spend a lot but make it look like you put in the effort.